Promoted by David Beale, 36 Pleasant View, Withnell, Chorley PR6 8SE on behalf of Martin Powell-Davies of TUSC.

Sunday 8 July 2007

St. Helens and Bolton associations both nominated Martin

Martin was nominated by two more associations in the North West this
week. St. Helens and Bolton associations both nominated Martin.

Alongside Wigan association who were the first association to
moninate Martin, this means Martin has a geographically contingous
belt of support stretching across industrial Lancashire; not bad for a
South London boy who reportedly gets a nosebleed when he ventures
North of Watford!

Members were attracted to Martin's call for national action on workload
and performance management alongside the national campaign on pay.

At the recent Divisional Secretary's meeting in London, Lancashire
Divisional Secretary, Ken Cridland, asked the question, 'Is the
Workload Campaign working?' It was one of those questions where to
ask it is to answer it.

The fact is that our members are struggling with unprecedented
workload pressures, but feel isolated when asked to take action in
their own schools. National action on workload would give members
the confidence to say ' enough is enough!' and would support our
efforts to build for national action on pay.

Those association secretaries who are genuinely trying to build school
by school campaigns on workload can see the limitations of a policy
based on isolated pockets of resistance. By nominating Martin, they
are sending a clear message to the National Executive that more
needs to be done.



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