Sunday 23 September 2007

IPSWICH: Martin wins further support

Ipswich Association nominated Martin Powell-Davies for the Vice President position at our General Meeting on Thursday 20th September.

Roger King, Martin Powell-Davies, Gill Goodswen and Hank Roberts were all put forward for consideration. Everyone at the meeting agreed that Martin's visit to the Association a few years ago had left a good impression and those who had been to conferences knew well exactly what Martin stood for !

Hank’s role in the Wembley anti-Academy occupation was acknowledged, but there was some uncertainty with regards to his stance on other issues. There were also doubts about nominating a headteacher, Gill Goodswen, as President.

We concluded by unanimously agreeing to nominate Martin Powell-Davies and Roger King.

The meeting also passed a motion calling for an immediate ballot on pay and united action with other public sector trade unions.

Roger Mackay, Ipswich NUT

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