Monday 15 June 2009

Young Teachers debate the way forward

There was plenty of debate and discussion at the Young Teachers Conference - not least on workload. Martin Powell-Davies' call for national action struck a chord with many of the young teachers attending.

After the Conference, a Young Teacher Rep sent in this message of support to Martin's campaign:

"There are many issues affecting us all as teachers. One of the most pressing is that of recruitment and retention. Many young teachers leave in the first three years. This is a travesty and must be stopped. The reasons commonly put forward for this are the vice like grip of poor pay on one side and the increase in workload on the other. We simply cannot be expected to work more hours for worse pay. We must look beyond the facade of the TDA advertisements with their spin to the truth of the day to day realities for many teachers. I believe that Martin is the man to do this in a position as vice president of our union".

Dan Thompson
Young Teachers Rep
Windsor and Maidenhead
(Personal Capacity)

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