Thursday 25 February 2010

Please send a message of support to Northbrook School

NUT members at Northbrook School in Lewisham have voted by 17 to 1 to support strike action to defend colleagues against pay losses and imposed additional workload as a result of TLR restructuring.

School management have accepted in negotiations that protecting staff from salary losses would only cost the school eight thousand pounds at most. This should be a price worth paying for protecting staff income and staff morale as a whole. However, it seems that they are determined to 'call our bluff' and to see whether teachers are prepared to take action. We fear that they want to show staff that they can ignore the union over TLRs and proceed to pile on the pressure on other issues such as workload and classroom observations as well.

Lewisham NUT are requesting a days' strike action in the first instance and the NUT rep and colleagues are working hard to build support for a solid response from NUT members. They need to know that they are not alone! Please send your messages of support to Derrick Fish, the school rep on

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