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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Ofsted blame teachers again

I was pleased to get an opportunity on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show to respond to Ofsted's claims - rightly described as 'insulting' by the NUT - that pupils are being wrongly needed as having 'special needs' when what they really need is 'better teaching'.

Backing up points that had been made earlier to the BBC by Kevin Courtney, I pointed out that the real problem was the lack of resources in schools to meet the individual needs of every student. SENCOs were battling to get specialist support and advice, teachers struggling to meet each student's individual needs in a class of 30 or more.

Of course, with the Comprehensive Spending Review threatening 10% cuts in school budgets, it will be precisely those TAs and specialist teachers that provide some measure of additional support that may be jettisoned.

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