Wednesday 27 April 2011


1. To stop around £100 a month being stolen from teachers’ salaries. That’s a 50% increase in pension contributions on top of a ‘pay freeze’. We can’t afford NOT to take action.
2. £10,000’s more may be robbed from you over your retirement. Switching from RPI to the lower CPI will hugely cut your total income in retirement.
3. Yet more money could go in a new ‘career-average’ scheme. Hutton is cooking up yet more ways of cutting pensions. Action can warn him off.
4.You might be 68 before you can claim your (cut) pension in full. Hutton wants normal pension age to go up to 68 for young teachers, 66 or 67 for older staff. Could you cope with teaching over 65?
5. If you choose to retire ‘early’, you’ll lose £1,000s.  Retiring at 60 - or even 62 - would count as ‘early retirement’ so that you’d lose your full entitlement. The younger you are now, the more you stand to lose by the time you retire.
6. Our pension scheme costs are falling. This is just robbery. Hutton’s own figures confirm our pensions scheme is affordable. They just want to impose an extra ‘tax’ on public sector workers - when the bankers who got us into this mess still owe billions in unpaid taxes!
7. Most teachers are women - but they could be hardest hit. Women are most likely to have breaks in pensionable service - and to live longer too.
8. We have a good pensions scheme - let’s keep it that way.  If you’re feeling the squeeze already, don’t opt out of your pension. That just guarantees that you’ll retire in poverty. Instead, vote for action and fight to defend pensions.
9. The threat of action made the last Government retreat.  Joint campaigns in 2005-6 forced the last Government to withdraw most of its pension attacks.
10. Strike action can make this Con-Dem Government think again too. They are unpopular and divided. ATL, PCS & UCU unions are joining us in action too. Firm  united action can defend our  pensions.

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