Wednesday 12 October 2011

Nearly a million youth unemployed - rally in London on Nov 5th!

On the day that the jobless total for 16-24 year olds hit a record high of nearly 1 million, the Jarrow March 2011 continued its journey south towards London. Unemployed marcher Matt Whale spoke out on the BBC News:
I hope trade unionists will be giving the marchers maximum support along the way and especially at the closing rally on Saturday November 5th:
Assemble 12noon at Embankment for the final leg of the Jarrow March!
Rally in Trafalgar Square.

Speakers include:
  • Jarrow Marchers,
  • Bob Crow – RMT General Secretary,
  • Matt Wrack- FBU General Secretary,
  • Paul Murphy- MEP (Socialist Party Ireland),
  • Lizi Gray- Descendent of 1936 Marcher,
  • Stephen Hepburn- Jarrow MP,
  • Young Deacon- Rapper (performing his track about the riots called ‘Failed by the System’),
  • Ed Marsh- NUS (VP Union Development),
  • Day-Mer Youth Speaker.

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