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Friday 13 January 2012

United action to stop the bullies

It's no surprise that, just when the Government feels they might be able to win a victory on pensions, they go on a further attack over their 'bullies charter'.

These plans have been in the offing for some months - see 

But these threats are nothing to do with improving education - no, further teacher stress, even greater workload and further demoralisation will only make things worse. These plans are about bullying and intimidating teachers so that we are too frightened to stand up for ourselves - and for education.

Their pensions attacks mean that many teachers will be having to work on until 68 or even older, trying to keep up with the unrelenting pressure in our underfunded and overmonitored schools. Now Gove's making clear that, if you can't take the pace, you'll be sacked long before you reach your pension age.

We have to fight these plans - but we also have to make sure that we show Gove that we're not yet beaten on pensions either. The NUT Executive yesterday agreed that we cannot accept the 'Heads of Agreement' and that we are urgently talking with other unions about plans for further strike action - full report to follow.

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Jean Crocker, UCU Exec (pc) said...

Then it is important that other teaching unions stand with NUT