Wednesday 17 April 2013

Thatcher's real legacy

An estimated £10 million was spent today on a funeral that, as Owen Jones has just written in the Independent, amounted to a "taxpayer-funded political broadcast".

The BBC spent hours giving air-time to supporters of Thatcher's divisive legacy but hardly ever allowed those of us who object to what she stood for to express our views.

So it was with pleasure that I was able to give an interview to the main Flemish TV station in Belgium, VRT, aired on their news coverage of the funeral tonight, saying:

"Thatcher 'saved the country' only for those with wealth. The reality is that she destroyed maunfacturing industry, the mines - what was left was a financial bubble that may have appeared to have 'saved' Britain but it's a bubble that's burst - and Thatcher helped create that finacial chaos which has not just hit Britain but the whole world".

A link to the video can be found on:

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