Tuesday 25 June 2013

June 25 in London: a warm-up for June 27 across the North-West!

A thousand London teachers, many wearing green NUT "Stand Up For Education" T-Shirts, marched past the Department of Education tonight to a packed NUT rally. 

If the mood of London teachers tonight is replicated on Thursday in the North-West, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be, then the strike on June 27 will be solid, and the momentum building for decisive action to oppose Gove's attacks on teachers and education will continue to grow.

The demonstration gathered outside Westminster Cathedral and then marched onto Victoria Street. The chants of "Gove Must Go" rang out as we walked past the Department of Education before finishing with a short indoor rally nearby.

The police had told us that they were leaving the NUT to steward the march entirely on our own - and we did! The whole march was stewarded safely through the traffic and road junctions without any sign of a single police officer.

The only 'disruption' was caused by the two would-be Coalition 'politicians' from the 'Revolution Will Be Televised" whose satirical attack on the unions and teachers brought a comic end to the rally.

The mood for action was clear. What was missing, unfortunately, was any clear message from the rally as to what action was to follow after the June 27 North-West strike. A clear call for a continuing  calendar of national action is needed. If such a call is given, then teachers will respond. 

However, what is confirmed is that London teachers will be rallying again on Saturday September 14th at 11:00am in the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre (next to Central Hall, Westminster), in preparation for the action that should follow next term.

(... and thanks to Central Bedfordshire for adding their name to the list of Associations nominating me to stand for NUT Vice-President at their meeting tonight )

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