Wednesday 7 May 2014

A Teacher Speaking Up for Teachers - Please Vote Powell-Davies #1

I am seeking your support to lead the NUT in a battle we cannot afford to lose. 
Whoever forms the next Government, Ministers will continue to criticise teachers, undermine our pay and conditions, damage children’s education. 
Teachers have solidly supported their Union’s campaign but know it’s far from won.
Teachers experience demoralisation and worsening workload, see colleagues driven from the profession,  damaging pension and pay legislation imposed.
Effective leadership with a winning strategy
Continued public campaigning is essential but we will only win serious concessions when we show we are prepared to take serious action.
We need clear campaign objectives, a calendar of ongoing action rather than isolated ‘protest’ strikes, and to build firm workload action across schools.
If elected General Secretary, I pledge to:
  • Encourage professional unity and united trade union action
  • Strengthen workplace organisation across all sectors
  • Build vibrant Local Associations
  • Publicise campaign successes
  • Sharpen our media messages, explaining that we are acting to defend education
  • Work to reclaim education from damaging ‘reforms
  • Give members confidence to take the action needed
  • Remain on a classroom teacher’s salary

Powell-Davies has claimed that our education reform plans will make teaching ‘a totally unbearable profession’ ” Michael Gove
Gove doesn’t understand. I do.

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