Wednesday 20 August 2014

Teachers' strike builds in Norway

Now the summer holidays have come to an end, the strike by Norwegian teachers - of the Utdanningsforbundet union - is escalating. This follows a membership rejection of a deal that was put to them following negotiations earlier in the year (see previous posts under the 'International' label for more background to the dispute).

Colleagues who I visited in April have sent me a brief report: 

"Fantastic turnout at the strike rally today! More than 4000 teachers gathered in small Stavanger... Tomorrow more teachers are starting their strike. Approx 8000 nationally now, and 800 locally. What's fascinating now is that our employers are really under tremendous pressure from politicians, media and people in general - and they do not seem to know how to manage this situation!" 

Look out for more updates ...

There's a summary of the dispute posted on the EI's "Unite for Quality Education" blog: 

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