Saturday 16 May 2009

Splat those SATs!

THE PROSPECT OF A JOINT NUT / NAHT CAMPAIGN over SATs has been a boost to many teachers. We have seen how the pressure of testing and league tables has distorted the curriculum and too often stolen the joy of learning from teachers and children alike.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the attempts to undermine the campaign from the press and Ministers. After all, SATs are a key part of the bullying regime that has long been used to unfairly label children, staff and schools alike as “failures”.

Many parents hate the stress that SATs create. However, we still need to step up efforts to take our message to the public.

THE UNION URGENTLY NEEDS TO EXPLAIN to primary staff exactly what the Union plans and a timetable for the ballot.

Some teachers will need little convincing, others will. Some are raising workload concerns. Ditching SATs & league tables should cut the pressure on staff - but not if it is replaced with the same pressures based on lots of teacher assessment!

The Union has to discuss and explain in more detail the assessment methods that we want to replace SATs.

If we are serious about the boycott, then there is some urgent work to be done. Year 6 teachers need to know what they should plan for the year ahead.

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