Friday 6 December 2013

After Mandela - continue the struggle for freedom and equality

Nelson Mandela was hated by the wealthy and powerful for his lifelong struggle for freedom and equality. Yet, this morning, they can praise him in death.

In part, that is because politicians have to recognise the support that working people the world over give to a leader who stands up against oppression. However, it is also because, regrettably, the ANC have turned their backs on that struggle.

Dishonouring their own history, the ANC now lead another Government that is attacking the masses in struggle and rules over one of the most unequal countries on the planet. 

The best way to honour Mandela's passing is to continue the struggle for freedom, equality and a socialist South Africa.

For more on the history of the struggle against apartheid,read "From apartheid to Marikana" on  

"Following the Marikana massacre the credibility of the ANC has now been shattered. It has demonstrated that it shares with the capitalist class the same fear and loathing for the working class.

"The ANC was in the black mind, the black soul, it took on an almost mystical quality. But now they’ve lost faith in it. The bond is shattered and it happened on television" (the Guardian 7/9/12). 

For a view from South African socialists, read the article on:

" It remains for the workers and youth of today to follow what is the best example set by Mandela – selfless and determined struggle – but also to learn that in the struggle we are fighting a compromise with a class enemy is impermissible, because they inevitably lead to betrayals of the masses as capitalism cannot meet their aspirations. More importantly, they must learn that the working class should only rely on its independent political leadership, organisations and programme to transform society in its own interests and those of the poor, for a socialist South Africa and a socialist world "

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