Saturday 7 June 2014

Voting Papers have arrived - please read the statements - and I hope you'll decide on POWELL-DAVIES 1

Voting papers are now starting to arrive at the home addresses of NUT members across England and Wales to elect the General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers from 2014-2019. 

Votes must be posted in time to reach the ERS scrutineers by midday on Wednesday 25 June. Not all papers have yet arrived - if you haven't got yours by Wednesday June 11th, ring the NUT election hotline on  020 7380 4825.

There is a straight choice to make: between re-electing the existing General Secretary by voting BLOWER 1 - or voting for new leadership, by choosing POWELL-DAVIES 1.

I would ask every NUT member to read the election statements enclosed with the voting papers (posted below) and then to vote. I am confident that teachers who are looking for a clear strategy to defeat the attacks we face will give me their support.

UPDATE: As Christine's campaign has also now released a video, you can also compare and share the two candidates' videos via: and



Unknown said...

I cannot see anything in the election statement that relates to NUT members who are not directly employed by schools, for example Children's Centre Teachers and LA employed staff who are on Soulbury pay and conditions. We are facing erosion and attacks on our services and work conditions routinely, with restructures and pay freezes yet OUR union simply acts as if we do not exist.
What are your promises for us?

Martin said...

Cathy - that's a very fair point to make. Unfortunately, with a 300 word-limit, there is only so much I can post. However, you are absolutely right that, while, relatively speaking, school budgets have been protected compared to central budgets, council cuts have slashed central services. If you look through my blog, you will see that I have also campaigned on thes eissues - and with some success in defending LEARN in Lewisham - e.g.:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response. In fairness I should have said in either election statement - I want to pose the same query to both candidates. Handily you had a link to your blog!

Martin said...

No problem. I've publicised the blog link as an election statement can only be a brief summary - and, as you will see, I have been posting in much more detail over years. You're not the first colleague to complain to me that the Union overlooks Soulbury staff - and many have now been put into the LGPS rather than the TPS too. Of course, many more have lost their posts altogether - or had to go 'self-employed'. What I will promise is that, if elected, I will see what can be done to organise you and your colleagues better - and you have every right to hold me to that!