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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Use your vote - and vote YES YES in the NUT ballot

The following mailing is being sent to Lewisham NUT members at their home address:

NUT members have taken part in a series of strikes to oppose this Government’s attacks on our pay, pensions and working conditions. Of course, these attacks, alongside other damaging education policies, are attacks on our pupil’s learning conditions too.

We know that NUT members have responded magnificently to their Union’s call to action and sacrificed their pay to take part in those strikes. Now the Union wants to be sure that you agree that, having started this campaign and made those sacrifices, we have to continue it until we have achieved our key demands.

That’s why every NUT member is being given their chance to vote in this consultative ballot. To help you vote, you will be able to give your response by post, telephone or online. You will be voting on two questions:
1. Do you support the continuation of the Union's Stand Up for Education campaign?
2. Would you support the Union calling up to two further days of strike action between now and the general election if the Union believes it will help in negotiations with Nicky Morgan?

The responses to this ballot will, for better or worse, have a significant say in how the Union takes forward its campaign from now. Whatever your views, your vote matters, so please use it. However, we hope you vote YES!

Our action has helped persuade the Government to pull back from some of their worst plans - like plans to cut our holidays - and helped persuade David Cameron that it was time to give Michael Gove the boot as well!

However, we didn’t succeed in stopping the Government imposing performance-related pay. We are having to pay more for a worse pension. Excessive workload and 60+ hour weeks are still exhausting teachers and causing many to quit.

These attacks aren’t just bad for teachers, they’re bad for education too. If we retreat now, then we can be sure that Ministers will push ahead with further damaging attacks. However, if we keep up our action and campaigning, then we can secure further gains.

The months up to the General Election are a time when politicians are particularly susceptible to pressure - from campaigning and lobbying, but, above all, from the threat of strike action. PLEASE VOTE YES TO QUESTION ONE

There are lots of ways to campaign. We hope NUT members will be leafleting parents with the new NUT manifesto. Nationally, the Union will continue negotiating to try and persuade the new Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, to change course. However, experience tells us that strike action remains our most persuasive weapon. 

That’s why the National Union is seeking your backing to take up to two further days of strike action between now and the General Election in May. If we are serious about defending teachers, then that is action that we have to be ready to take - if not more!

A big YES vote to further strike action will send an important message to politicians seeking our votes - from whatever party - that teachers aren’t about to retreat and allow the next Government to make things even worse for teachers and education. 

A big YES vote can help persuade Nicky Morgan that she needs to make serious concessions in negotiations with the NUT. It will also give confidence to the whole Union to maintain our vital campaign. PLEASE VOTE YES TO QUESTION TWO

WANT TO SAY MORE?, the Lewisham NUT website, has links to two surveys that let school groups feedback views in more detail on questions like: What demands should we be aiming to win on pay, pensions and workload? How much strike action would your school group be prepared to take - and what would be your preferred action calendar? PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEYS

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