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Friday 24 April 2015

Gogglebox debates TUSC and a "Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage"

The biased official polling organisations still won't even allow people to have the option of giving their support to TUSC - but tonight's Gogglebox did on Channel 4!

Sandra and Sandy were definitely impressed!

Like thousands of others who watched TUSC's Party Political Broadcast when it was first shown, voters learned that there was a Party standing up to austerity that they hadn't been told about before, learned that Nigel Farage was not the 'man of the people' that he claims to be, and that Dave Nellist had sat in Parliament as a Labour MP on a worker's wage.

As a TUSC candidate in Lewisham West and Penge, I've also made the same pledge, committing if elected to continue to take only my classroom teacher's pay and using the rest of my MP's salary to support trade union, community and anti-austerity campaigns.

Some of the Gogglebox participants didn't seem convinced that Dave could really have done it - but he did, along with other MPs like Pat Wall and Terry Fields as well. To find out more, read a BBC news article that explains how Dave "would only accept the average wage of a skilled factory worker in Coventry, which amounted to 46% of his salary as an MP. Each year the remaining 54% was donated to charitable and political causes".

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