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Monday 1 March 2010

Let's build united action to stop the cuts

The latest edition of Classroom Teacher includes an article I posted here last month ('The Axemen are Coming!') about the 'savage cuts' we can expect to hit schools in London - and nationally - , whoever wins the General Election. Indeed, as the BBC are reporting tonight, many Councils are already preparing for those cuts.

Since the original post, millions have joined a General Strike in Greece on Feb 24th to protest against cuts. That kind of determined action - backed up by community campaigns - can make Governments think again.

We ned to prepare for that action now. That's why I drafted the amendment below for the Lewisham NUT AGM - where it was agreed and will now go forward to be debated at NUT Annual Conference this Easter:

Reword point 5 to read:

5. The main political parties may be arguing over the exact timescale for cuts to begin, but this should not conceal the reality that, whoever forms the next Government, they will, sooner or just a little later, seek to inflict a savage programme of public spending cuts on a scale not seen for decades. Indeed, in some Local Authorities major cuts have already been announced.

Add new h, i and j. to read:

h. to encourage NUT Associations to approach trades councils and other local trade union branches to host joint public meetings in order to help prepare united campaigns and action to defend public services;

i. to approach the TUC and other national trade unions to propose the calling of a national demonstration to warn the incoming Government of our determination to act to defend jobs, pay, pensions and services.

j. to call on the TUC and other national trade unions to join with us in organising a co-ordinated ballot for a 24 hour public sector national strike as a swift response to any attempt by an incoming Government to impose a programme of public spending cuts.

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