Thursday 20 May 2010

Coalition announces attack on national pay and conditions

"We will reform the existing rigid national pay and conditions rules to give schools greater freedoms to pay good teachers more and deal with poor performance".

This statement from the Coalition's "Programme for Government" is a clear statement of intent to attack to break the national Schoolteachers' Pay and Conditions Document - at a time of cuts. This will lead to individualised attacks on pay and conditions unless we fight together to defend - and improve - national pay and conditions before it is too late.
This is such a significant attack that we need to respond immediately - and move to a national ballot for strike action at the next Executive. We should consider an emergency meeting of Div Secs to prepare for action. We should invite other teacher unions to take action with us too.
We cannot afford to hold back - and need to send a clear signal that we are ready to respond.

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