Wednesday 26 May 2010

SE Public Sector Unions Plan United Struggles

Tuesday's meeting of SERTUC's Public Services Commitee had to be moved to a larger room at Congress House - which reflected the wish of trade unionits to come together to respond to the attacks being thrown at us by the Con/Dem Coalition.

Kevin Courtney, NUT DGS, was the guest speaker, introducing a wide-ranging discussion on how trade unions could build joint action. Some of the action points agreed were that:
  • The TUC develops an alternative economic plan to counter the claimed economic necessity for cuts.
  • The TUC organises a national demonstration to oppose cuts to public services
  •  Delegates initiate, either through Trades Councils or individual trade union branches or regional structures as appropriate, joint committees and meetings to prepare opposition to cuts in their local areas.
  • We organise - provisionally in October - a further SERTUC Conference to build from the success of our 6 March Conference. It was proposed that this should take place in October.
  • As Chair, that I send a message of support to BASSA in support of their ongoing strike action.

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