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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Let's organise to answer Gove's Academies Plans

The government has announced a major attack on the future of Local Authority schooling - and teachers' national pay and conditions - by announcing that it will rush through an Academies Bill that will allow all schools to become academies - and just through a vote at a governing body meeting. Many schools could become academies before teachers and parents were even really aware of it!

The legislation is being rushed through so that supposedly ‘outstanding’ schools will be able to make the change by September.

This threatens a major acceleration of the privatisation of schools and dismantling of Local Authority services. It is also designed to be a major attack on teacher unions, dividing teachers into a whole series of different employers so that national pay and conditions can be broken up and cuts driven through more easily.

Teaching unions have to make clear that we aren't going to accept these attacks. An emergency national rally or demonstration in defence of education needs to be organised urgently. Gove and Cameron have to be shown that unions are ready to defend teachers and education.

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