Saturday 9 October 2010


Governors at Tidemill Primary School in Lewisham have just issued a consultation paper seeking support for converting to Academy status. But many in the local community - backed by Lewisham NUT - are determined to oppose this threat to comprehensive education.

The parents' campaign has already succeeded in winning this consultation - at first, the proposal was due to be pushed through over the summer without proper discussion. Now we have a chance to push the proposal out altogether - but only if we mobilise as much support as we can.

That's why Lewisham NUT are calling on NUT members and other colleagues to support the campaign by going door-to-door with campaign materials, petitions and model letters.

We hope you can help by coming on:
SATURDAY 16 OCTOBER 10.30 am  at Deptford Project Cafe, Deptford High Street - or, if late, meet campaigners on the stall in the market.
SUNDAY 17 OCTOBER 11 am Deptford Rail station, Deptford High Street

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