Thursday 9 December 2010

Learning the Lessons of the Poll Tax - Let's organise and win!

Tonight's 'One Show' on the BBC included a film comparing today's student protests with protests from the past - specifically those against the Vietnam War and the Poll Tax.

I was pleased to be given a chance to explain a little about the anti poll tax movement. Of course they only used a couple of quotes from the many shots they took of me in Trafalgar Square - but I hope it got the message across from this "veteran protestor" (!!) about how, by being organised in every town and city against the courts and the bailiffs, the campaign succeeded in defeating Thatcher and the hated poll tax.

The film did, at least, give me the last word - to point out that, with the same organisation, this Government can be defeated as well!

Have a look on iplayer - after about 17 minutes:

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