Thursday 1 September 2011

NUT Elections 2012-14

On June 30, NUT members across Inner London - and beyond - showed their determination to stand up to Government attacks. That determination will need to be repeated this term as we continue to build our action to defend teachers’ pensions.

Further campaigns to oppose cuts, privatisation, excessive workload and the coming threat of even harsher performance management and observation regimes will also have to be organised if we are to successfully defend teachers and education.

It is against this background that NUT members have an opportunity to vote for National Officers and National Executive members that can best lead the Union during the struggles that will face us from 2012-2014.

In 2009, I was pleased to stand in the election for Vice-President election and develop discussion about how we build national action - action that we are now taking in defence of teachers’ pensions. Then, following Kevin Courtney’s election as Deputy General Secretary, I was able to stand - and be elected - to become a member of the NUT National Executive for the Inner London District. I would certainly hope to be able to continue in that role following the 2012 elections to the National Executive.

I hope that my record of building the Union, supporting members and associations, contributing to and leading campaigns - both before and since being elected to the NUT National Executive - will be recognised by NUT members and Inner London Divisions.
I hope that Inner London NUT Divisions will be willing to nominate myself – and Alex Kenny – for re-election to the National Executive. Nominations close on January 11 2012.

Associations are able to nominate candidates for both National Officers and National Executive members at a quorate General Meeting or by a ballot of members.

Nominations for National Officers have to be submitted before the end of September 2011. I will be recommending to Lewisham Association that we support:
§ Max Hyde and Philipa Harvey for Vice-President

§ Ian Murch for Treasurer

§ Alyson Palmer for Examiner of Accounts

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