Monday 12 January 2015

A statement from Sedgehill students

This statement was released by the Save Sedgehill campaign team tonight:

"The Secretary of State for Education has approved the establishment of an Interim Executive Board for Sedgehill School."

This is the news we've all been anxious for. We've all fought hard and campaigned for our school and our community values. We've done a great job. We've gained over 2,000 likes on this Facebook page and even more combined signatures on our various petitions. We've shown the misinformed heads at the top of the council what democracy in action looks like and just how mighty our lion's roar can be if we all roar together.

On Friday, Lewisham Council announced in a statement on their website that the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, has approved the establishment of an Interim Executive Board for Sedgehill School. This is the board of appointees of the council's choosing which will very soon forcibly replace the governing body of our community school, with many of the replaced governors being democratically elected into their positions.

While this is hardly the outcome we were fighting for, the goal of keeping Sedgehill the inclusive, welcoming, nurturing and constantly improving community school that it is has not changed. Nevertheless, we hope that we can continue our studies as students and our parents and the local community can continue to interact in the same uniquely great way as ever and we hope that our as exceptional staff as possible will continue teaching and taking care of Sedgehill to stay true to this goal.

Our goal is now to ensure that the IEB will work towards the common goals and aspirations of this genuine community school, its students, parents, staff and community and carry on the great work they've all done so far. We will vehemently oppose any attempts to impose plans which will damage the education of students or the unique sense of community at Sedgehill School.

We, as students of the school we love and enjoy can't thank all those who have supported us in the past month enough for their fantastic support throughout our campaign: THE LION WILL ROAR FOR EVER MORE!!. ‪#‎SaveSedgehill‬

Signed, the Save Sedgehill campaign team:
Adam Powell-Davies - Year 11 Deputy Head Boy
Audrius Sukaitis - Year 13 student
Courtney McMahon - Year 13 Ambassador for Photography, Drama & Music
Diana Banks - Year 12 Ambassador for Psychology
Edis Goldner - Year 11 Prefect
Ellie Clayton - Year 12 Ambassador for Economics
Lucille Jousselin - Year 13 Ambassador for English
Oleta Haffner - Year 13 student
Omodara Olatunji - Year 11 Head Girl
Patrick Garcha - Year 12 Ambassador for Music
Selina Stephanie Jones - Year 12 Ambassador for Biology & English Literature
Sophie Mauritz - Year 12 Student
Zoe Powell-Davies - Year 11 Prefect

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that your daughter is amongst the list of 'represented' students. Such a narrow-minded blog, full of self-importance, with no understanding of education today, just riddle with 1970's are a joke Martin!!