Sunday 10 May 2015

A call for support from Bromley UNITE in their battle to oppose privatisation

I have received this message today - please do what you can to support this immediate post-Election battle against privatisation and attacks on trade union rights:

Brothers and Sisters

We are today making an urgent call for support for our members fighting a courageous campaign to defend public services and the right to organise in a trade union in Bromley.

The Council have made the decision to privatise every part of the borough that they can get away with. By no coincidence, they have also proposed withdrawing all trade union facilities with immediate effect. Our members have taken 10 days of strike action so far with more action to follow. From 13th to 18th May, members in the Transport Services section will take strike action. This will be followed by a branch wide strike on 19th May.

While all local authorities are facing the effects of austerity and the impact of 5 years of further Tory cuts, our members in Bromley are now engaged in one of the most important campaigns against privatisation in the Region. It is also the case that facility time is under attack in workplaces across the country. But the attack on public services and trade union facilities in Bromley is an advance party for what awaits all other local authorities.

Unite is leading the way in Bromley. Our public campaign against Library privatisation has won massive support from the community. Our members in Adults Services are taking strike action to defend services for vulnerable adults. Bromley Council has £300 Million available for the provision of services. But it chooses instead to use the money to speculate on property while cutting services.

The Bromley campaign is hitting the Council from all angles. Transport Services are due to be privatised by being handed over to a company set up and run by Labour Party dominated Greenwich Council (GSPlus). Yet Labour Councillors who are in a minority in Bromley have publicly opposed privatisation of all services. We will therefore be lobbying Greenwich Council to pull out of the process.

We are asking branches, committees and individuals to support the following way:

1. Send a message of support and donation to the campaign. Cheques should be made payable to Bromley Unite. Messages to:
2. Support the Lobby of Greenwich Council to demand that GSPlus pulls out of the privatisation process! 
6pm to 7pm, 
13th May. 
Town Hall, Wellington St,
Woolwich SE18
3. Support the branch strike on 19th May  - come to the picket line:
7.30 am to 10 am
19th May
Civic Centre
Stockwell Close
4. Join Our March! We are calling for a national mobilisation against the tory attack on public services and trade union rights. The branch are calling for support for a march through Bromley.
Assemble 12 Noon
13th June 
Norman Park
Bromley Common

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