Tuesday 5 May 2015

Send a message to Westminster - Vote TUSC against CUTS on Thursday

On Thursday 7 May
in Lewisham West and Penge

Most of us will be only too pleased to see the back of the Tories on May 7. They spent five years helping the rich get richer while cutting services and living standards. 

But none of the main parties offer anything much different to what’s come before. In January, when Osborne's plans for £30 billion more cuts were put to Parliament, 515 MPs voted for them, just 18 against! Which way did Lewisham West and Penge's Labour candidate Jim Dowd vote? Yes, Jim voted for the cuts too!

TUSC stands against any cuts. We know that there's plenty of wealth sitting in the bank accounts of the super-rich. Let's use it to build homes and fund the schools & services we need.

I have been living and campaigning in Lewisham West and Penge for over 25 years. I helped organise the Penge Anti-Poll Tax Union, part of the campaign that defeated Margaret Thatcher. As Secretary of Lewisham NUT, I have fought to defend education, and am helping to lead ‘Stop Academies in Lewisham’.

I have pledged that, if elected as MP, I would continue to take only my existing classroom teacher's take-home pay, donating my extra salary towards building trade union and community anti-austerity campaigns.

Vote TUSC on Thursday to say:
■ We want to elect a workers’ MP on a worker’s wage
■ No to the austerity promised by all the main parties
■ Stop privatisation and cuts. Invest in jobs, homes, our NHS and public services
■ For a £10 an hour minimum wage now, not in 2020!
■ Control rents, launch a mass council house building programme
■ Take rail, energy and banks into public ownership
■ Use the wealth of the 1% to meet the needs of the 99%

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