Monday 7 February 2011

Bosses want to break the unions - but we're going to stand strong

The London NUT Regional Council tonight discussed the swathe of attacks facing public sector workers across London - and the communities we support. However, it also showed a clear determination to fight those attacks.

After an introduction from Megan Dobney from SERTUC, delegates reported on the fightback against pensions and cuts. Management attacks on union reps and the threat of Academies and Free Schools were debated. Reports from Tower Hamlets and Camden NUT confirmed that ballots for strike action were taking place in those boroughs against the cuts to education services.

There was anger at Cameron's attack on 'multiculturalism', as he pandered to the far-right on the day the EDL were marching through Luton. But there was also anger at Labour Councils who were carrying through cuts, instead of joining trade unions in fighting against them.

One delegate rightly condemned today's attack by the Institute of Directors on teachers' national pay and conditions. The IoD's demands have got nothing to do about boosting 'growth' but are all about the naked pursuit of profit - at our expense. They know that the potential power of collective union strength stands between them and the destruction of public services. They want to take that weapon away from working people. We have to use that power to protect our communities from the profiteers' attacks.

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