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Tuesday 28 June 2011

London NUT ready for June 30 Strike

As I was delivering placards to schools this evening ready for the June 30 picket lines, a white-van driver stopped and wound down the window to tell me : "They're talking crap on the radio, we're right behind you".

That anecdote was the perfect answer to the rubbish being spouted by David Cameron today as he tried to insist that public sector pensions have to be cut. Why? Even the Sunday Telegraph has had to admit that "There's nothing unaffordable about public sector pensions" and that the real scandal is the robbery of private-sector schemes. The NUT don't accept a 'race to the bottom' on pensions. We're going to fight to defend our pensions - and support the fight for a decent pension for all in retirement.

But Cameron has made too many false claims on behalf of his millionaire's government for the public to just accept his twisted logic. That's why Lewisham's 'white van man' - and many more - can be won to supporting our action to stop the pensions robbery - and a united campaign to defeat all of the Government's attacks on jobs and services.

In London, it's clear the strike is going to be solid. Reports continue to come in from boroughs of the strong support for Thursday's action. I introduced a lively discussion at today's London NUT Retired Teachers meeting - all active in building and supporting the action on June 30 - to fight for both today's pensioners and for all those still to come.

The Government will try to divide us - pubic sector from private sector, teacher from parent, Local Government Pension Scheme from Teachers Pension Scheme - we've got to stand united in opposition to all their attacks.

June 30 will be an important step in showing that determined opposition.

LONDON MARCH and RALLY: Assemble 11.00 am Lincoln's Inn Fields (Holborn tube), March down Whitehall to rally at Central Hall, Westminster.

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