Tuesday 1 November 2011

Luton welcomes the Jarrow Marchers

Sometimes you go to a meeting that really lifts your spirits - last night's Luton Trades Council public meeting was certainly one of those.

It was called to welcome the Jarrow Marchers who have now reached Luton on their way to the closing rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday. They spoke with determination and humour about the tremendous reception they have had on their way south from Jarrow.

I spoke alongside speakers from UNITE and PCS about the battle against cuts, workload and the preparation for a massive show of strength on November 30.

Packed and lively meetings like this are starting to discuss the 'big questions' openly again - not just about the next campaign or action, but about how to stand up to the '1%' that makes its wealth by robbery from the '99%' - and how we can organise to change this capitalist society that offers only a future of poverty and crisis.

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