Sunday 7 October 2012

Greece, South Africa - workers build general strike action

The two posts below from the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) website explain how workers are valiantly replying to the vicious attacks on their livelihoods by organising general strike action - despite the opposition of some of their supposed 'union leaders'. 

GreeceTrade unions pushed to escalate the struggle
Under pressure from below, a number of unions have started to adopt a program for occupations and escalation of repeated 48 hour general strikes.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is expected in Greece on Tuesday, 9 October. She will be greeted by an increasing bitterness and anger against the ongoing destruction of the Greek economy and living conditions of working people. An escalation of the struggle against the latest Troika-imposed austerity is developing from below.

South Africa  - "All out on united strike!"

The "Joint Strike Coordinating Committee" of all mines on strike in Rustenburg calls for a march next Saturday to confront the government. It argues for a general strike for a national living wage of R12,500 (US-$ 1400).
Socialists in the CWI are playing an important role in both countries. See in particular this report from South Africa's "Daily Maverick" website:

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