Saturday 20 October 2012

October 20 - marching together today - then let's strike together !

This Saturday, October 20, another monster demonstration will be marching through the centre of London, called by the Trades Union Congress. There are so many reasons that teachers will be there …. 

… perhaps:

  • Because 68 is too late to retire
  • Because teachers shouldn’t be treated this way by the Government
  • Because Gove wants schools to be able to cut our pay if we don’t meet targets
  • Because our school students deserve a decent future
  • Because the 99% shouldn’t be suffering to boost the wealth of the 1%
But there was also another very good reason to march – and that was to make sure we get the message across to every trade unionist that,



On November 30 2011, trade unions came together for one of the biggest and most powerful shows of united strength that Britain has ever seen – with NUT members to the fore on all the many rallies right around the country.

Since then, trade unions have failed to take national action – and Cameron, Osbourne, Clegg and Gove have not been able to believe their luck!

We need a monster march today to show the Government that we haven’t gone away – and to show that our movement is ready to strike together again ! 

Reports are already coming in from trade unionists travelling down to London.

here's a picture of three who WALKED to London from Wales - arriving for a weary celebration at the Bread and Roses pub in Wandsworth last night:

Look out for more reports on the day on

I'll add more pics and updates of my own later!

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