Tuesday 11 December 2012

Camden NUT says: "Don’t let Gove wreck our schools"

Hidden behind some truly scary Michael Gove masks, NUT members at Camden School for Girls teachers got their message out to the public on their school gates this morning:

Camden NUT's leaflet said:
Don’t let Gove wreck our schools
Michael Gove has done tremendous damage to schools during his time in office.

He has a narrow view of education, one that doesn't include the arts, sport or healthy eating.

He has removed the need for schools to employ qualified teachers. He has scrapped the building regulations for schools.

He cancelled the modernisation programme for all schools and diverted the money to supporting his Free Schools.

Now he wants to put an end to teachers' national pay system. This fair and transparent system guarantees the same pay for teachers with the same skills in all schools in a region. Teachers should not be penalised for teaching in under-resourced schools or poor areas.

He risks making teaching an unattractive profession. This year there was a 20% fall in applications for teacher training. We fear a return to the 1990s when a terrible teacher shortage meant many classes didn’t have a permanent teacher.

Over the last ten years we have seen one of the biggest rises in educational standards ever, but Gove is risking that by pushing his vision on education at break neck speed.

Please support your teachers and schools, join us in saying NO to the marketisation of education.

Leaflet and picture from Andrew Baisley, Camden NUT 

( ...but the Gove masks should perhaps carry a public health warning, Andrew)


Tiresias said...

Thanks for this Martin. Sorted out my Halloween costume with a Gove mask. That'll scare my colleagues and family.

Martin said...

Glad to be of service - although the thanks should really be to Camden NUT !