Friday 7 December 2012

Solidarity with Egyptian activists

Sent today to the Egyptian Embassy, London 

For the immediate release of Ramy Sabry and all arrested activists 

I am writing as a National Executive member of the National Union of Teachers in London, the largest teaching union in Europe. 

I am horrified to hear news of the organised killing of the leftist journalist Al Housseini Abou Dayf, and the kidnapping and torturing of activists by members of the Muslim Brotherhood during the mass protests against President Mursi’s new constitution. Firstly, I am calling on you to ensure the immediate release of all the activists. 

I am informed via the Socialist newspaper that, among others, Ramy Sabry, a socialist activist and a fighter for workers’ rights, has been badly tortured and has been held for many hours by Muslim Brotherhood thugs despite his urgent need for medical assistance. 

I have also heard that Ramy, along with other activists, is going to be handed over in the next few hours and transferred to the police, who refused to act to stop their kidnapping and who refused to interfere to enforce their release. 

I demand the immediate release of Ramy Sabry and all the other activists and will do whatever I can to make sure that these attacks on democratic rights and the right to organise as socialists and trade unionists are brought widely to the attention of members of my Union.

Martin Powell-Davies, Member of the NUT National Executive for Inner London, U.K

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