Thursday 12 September 2013

Building support across England and Wales

After his outrageous comments seemingly blaming poverty on poor 'financial management' (no doubt also to be blamed by him on 'poor teaching' !), I certainly shouldn't be thanking our Education Secretary for anything. 

It's the NUT members at meetings in Cardiff, Tawe Afan Nedd, Warwickshire and Worcestershire this week that I have to thank for adding their Associations' names to the list of those nominating me to stand as Vice-President. However, it has to be said that there's nothing like personal condemnation from Michael Gove to help win support in a union election!

Those colleagues who have seen Gove's speech (although most will have been far too busy with their daily workload to have done so) have only criticised me for being too measured in my choice of words! ( see story below ).

Instead of condemnation, perhaps Michael Gove needs to recognise that the support I am receiving from such a wide range of NUT Associations - both geographically and in their traditional allegiances - is a further indication of the depth of the widespread anger at the damage his policies are inflicting on education.

I am standing in this election to help strengthen our NUT National Officers' group so that we can build and maintain our campaign of action and put a stop to Gove's damaging attacks.

* Thanks also to Luton NUT Committee for agreeing their unanimous endorsement of my candidacy tonight.

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