Sunday 20 March 2016

Victory at John Fisher School over budget-driven threats to teachers' pay

They provided the PERFORMANCE - but now teachers have their PAY too
I am pleased to be able to publicise a significant victory at John Fisher School in Sutton where, after three days of strike action taken by members of both the NUT and NASUWT, staff's key demands have been achieved.

The strike action was taken in protest at the Governors’ refusal to grant pay progression to teachers, even though they had achieved their performance management objectives. The Governors put the blame on budgetary difficulties.

Last week, at the end of two consecutive days of strike action, the school called for further negotiations. At the end of these talks, Governors conceded that all eligible teachers will receive a full one point pay progression backdated to September 1 2015. Teachers' action has won their pay rise!

Although the dispute is still not fully settled pending further negotiations on pay policy and other outstanding issues, clearly a significant victory has been achieved. This is not just a victory for John Fisher staff, and a reward for their tremendous response and packed school gate turnout on all of the strike days, but an encouragement to all teachers where schools faced with budget cuts might attempt a similar attack on pay progression. 

"ASPIRE" - All Staff Pay Is Rightfully Earned

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