Thursday 8 December 2011

December NUT Executive Report - Workload and other issues

The Pensions dispute is only part of the battle we are facing to defend teachers and education. Here are some other issues we discussed:

Capability and Performance Management

The Executive heard an update on our campaign to oppose the Government’s plans to repeal the existing Performance Management Regulations, which includes getting rid of the ‘three hour yearly limit’ on classroom observations.

We are seeking to get a joint policy on capability, observations and performance management agreed with other unions that we will ask schools to adopt. This will be backed-up by a co-ordinated campaign of school-based action to support our demands.

The pressures on teachers have increased even further in many schools this term. With Ministers wanting teachers to work on until 68 or even older, the links with the pensions campaign are also clear.

We want to build as much united action as we can with other unions, notably the NASUWT who have issued advice to their members following their recent ballot. The NUT will be reissuing workload advice stressing what limits we can insist on within existing contractual rights, but also that the Union will move urgently to carry out ballots in schools where requested to protect against excessive workload.
Sixth Form Colleges

The Executive agreed to proceed with balloting NUT members in Sixth Form Colleges for strike action in opposition to the worsening of terms and conditions as a result of funding cuts to the sector.

Misuse of Temporary Contracts
The Executive agreed a motion to go to the TUC Young Members’ Conference challenging the misuse of fixed term and temporary contracts, particularly for younger staff.

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