Monday 19 December 2011

Kazakhstan - protest against murderous repression

The muderous repression of oilworkers and their supporters is continuing in Kazakhstan. For latest reports see:

I have sent this message of support today - please send in your protest too:

To the Kazakhstan authorities:
I am writing to protest at the murderous repression and mass arrests of oil-workers and their supporters in Zhanaozen, Aktau and other parts of Kazakhstan.
This repression will not succeed in breaking the spirit of the Kazakhstan workers who have no alternative but to struggle because of the conditions that they are having to live under. In fact, it will do the opposite of what you intend - it will only strengthen their determination to struggle.
I call on you to stop the repression and release those arrested,
Yours, Martin Powell-Davies, member of the National Executive of the National Union of Teachers, London, UK

Latest update from Kazakhstan:

According to reports from the Public commission for investigating the bloody events of 16-17th December in Aktau, young workers from the “OzenMunaiGaz” company who have been arrested in Zhenaozen are being thrown into the open yard at the remand prison and are having water thrown over them. The temperature is currently MINUS 17 CELSIUS. The torturers are attempting to get the workers to admit to rioting and to give evidence against their friends. These Nazi methods must be stopped.

Protest immediately to the Kazakhstan Embassy in your country and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan at Email: and send messages of support to: with copies to

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