Sunday 14 November 2010

Hackney NUT fighting Academies

I am posting this message circulated from Hackney NUT - please send in messages of support

No More Academies in Hackney
Keep our schools community schools

NUT members in Hackney have been campaigning since the summer against moves to turn all three remaining non-church comprehensives into Academies. We already have 5 Academies in Hackney, and that is 5 too many. Now they want Clapton School for Girls, Haggerston school and Stoke Newington school to join them.

We have campaigned in our own schools, and with parents. Last weekend parents and teachers in Stoke Newington leafleted and petitioned  our local market, and teachers from Clapton school set up a stall in central Hackney. Both gained a lot of support from parents and local residents.

The NUT has held indicative ballots in Clapton, Haggerston and Stoke Newington Schools, over opposing Academy status. In the ballot, teachers voted as follows, on the question: 'are you prepared to take sustained and discontinuous strike action in furtherance of the dispute over closure of your school and the enforced consequential change of employer':
Clapton Girls School Hackney
YES Vote 38 (73.%) 
No Vote 7 (13.46%)
Stoke Newington School Hackney
YES Vote 63 (83.79%)     
NO Vote 2  (2.66%)
Haggerston School Hackney
YES Vote 30    (71.4%)     
 NO Vote 2     (4.76%)

The ballot results were fantastic, and a credit to the membership in all three schools. We now need to decide how to take the campaign forward in all three schools. Please send messages of support to to NUT reps in all three schools:
Clapton: Annette Lynch and Des Barrow; Haggerston: Kate Ford; Stoke Newington: Jane Bassett

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