Saturday 5 May 2012


On April 26, Lewisham NUT’s Retired Members’ Secretary was attacked and hospitalised by racists claiming to have allegiance to ‘March for England’, a group closely linked to the English Defence League (EDL).

Lewisham NUT believes that it is no coincidence that this attack took place just a few days before the elections to the Greater London Assembly where candidates supported by racist and fascist parties were seeking to benefit from the public anger against the cuts that are stealing away our jobs and services.

But racism and fascism provide no answers to the problems facing young people, nor to any part of our community. Instead of bringing people together to defend their jobs, homes, pensions and public services, racists and fascists make it harder to defend our livelihoods by dividing communities instead.

Saturday’s assault shows that, far from standing up for people’s rights, these racists instead attack trade unionists out campaigning to defend local communities from cuts. 

We are calling on trade unionists to join with us in defending campaigners and our local community from racist attacks and to build the united action needed to stop cuts. There is plenty of wealth in Britain - instead of cuts, we need investment in the future of our youth. 

The NUT stands for ‘NO CUTS’, no matter which political party is swinging the axe. We oppose the privatisation of our schools and the NHS. We have taken strike action to defend our pensions and schools from cuts - and we will do so again.

If you oppose the cuts and want to defend your jobs and services, then: UNITE AGAINST THE CUTS, UNITE AGAINST THE RACISTS! 

Join our anti-cuts campaign stall
Lewisham High St (by the Clock Tower)

Call Lewisham NUT for details of assembly point

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