Friday 2 October 2009

Download my new election leaflet

The 2010-14 National Officers will be elected at a time when teachers and education are facing very serious challenges. Whoever wins the next election, schools can expect significant spending cuts. Teachers’ jobs, pay and pensions will be under threat. A Tory Government threatens primary Academies and the break-up of national pay and conditions.

The newly-elected officers will have a vital role to play in giving confidence to NUT officers, reps and classroom teachers to stand together to defend education. I am standing in this election because I believe that I can help provide that strong leadership that we will need in the battles ahead. I am calling for unity to oppose cuts and privatisation and for NUT Conference policy calling for national action on workload to be implemented.

If you support my campaign, please help circulate my leaflets to NUT members. Get in touch if you want coloured leaflets sent to you or download a leaflet from the Lewisham NUT website and forward it to your colleagues.

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