Sunday 11 October 2009

Campaign Meeting success

A suuccessful campaign meeting was held in London yesterday.

Teachers came from the London area and beyond - including from the South-West, South-East and Eaastern regions - to discuss how to respond to the threats facing teachers after the General Election - and how to get a Vice-President elected that can help provide the strong leadership needed for the Union to be ready to meet the challenge!

Helped with some fantastic sandwiches provided by the pub, we also stuffed 5000 envelopes to post campaign leaflets around the country. With supporting Associations also helping to distribute materials in their own areas, our print-run of 60,000 leaflets is nearly exhausted already. However, do get in touch with the campaign if you would like copies - or download a copy from the Lewisham NUT website:

We had apologies from Young Teachers attending the South East Young Teachers Network meeting but Dan Thompson, the SE Network Chair, sent in this message for a local endorsement letter we are circulating in his area:

“ With Martin as Vice‐President of our Union, we will be in a strong position to fight against the threats to our profession from those who would freeze our pay whilst adding to an ever increasing workload”

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