Tuesday 27 October 2009

We're Voting for Martin

Murray Sackwild: I've been going to Conference for 5 years now and by far the best speaker - every year - is Martin. I know there's lots of maneouvring behind the scenes at the NUT with a range of factions - but Martin cuts through the crap and tells it how it is. He talks about the issues that really matter to working teachers. He has to be the outstanding choice for NUT Vice-President.

Derek McMillan: I'm voting Martin Powell-Davies for NUT VP. We need a union leadership to take on the pro-banker anti-public sector policies of the government - whichever party wins.

Dan Thompson: I am voting for Martin in the election as I see him to be the best person to take our union forward and face the challenges which are coming our way, whichever party takes government in the next election.

From the Facebook Group: Martin Powell-Davies For NUT Vice-President

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