Saturday 24 October 2009

Campaign fliers reach schools

A number of schools reps have been getting in contact having received a mailing from the campaign asking NUT members to vote 'POWELL-DAVIES 1'.

One rep was particularly interested in the NUT lanyard I am wearing around my neck in my photo - one that I had kept from NUT Annual Conference - and wanted to know whether they can be purchased. I am pleased to report that the Marketing Department at NUT HQ has told me that there is a plan to add these to the 'NUT Shop' that Associations can use to purchase materials. With so many teachers now having to wear ID, NUT lanyards would certainly be a good way to advertise the Union in schools.

Another rep wanted to clarify how I had been able to afford to mail schools. The answer is that it was only possible thanks to the financial support agreed by a number of nominating Associations, together with a number of individual donations from campaign supporters.

The donations enabled me to meet the costs of printing leaflets and posting them to at least some selected addresses nationally. As the campaign funds would not stretch as far as the costs of using a commercial mailing house, the mailing also would not have been possible without the hours of help given by a number of Lewisham NUT members and other supporters who volunteered their time to help stuff the envelopes.

A huge effort has gone in to producing the mailing from teachers who want to make sure that we elect a leadership that is up to the challenges that will face us after the next General Election. I hope that I can help provide that leadership.

I hope that, having read the fliers, teachers will choose to vote ‘Powell-Davies 1’ on their ballot papers for NUT Vice-President


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Dan Thompson said...

I use my NUT lanyard for my id at school, and another conference one for my keys. Very handy they are!