Monday 12 October 2009

Is the 'big crunch' inevitable?

I had to dash from debating "The Big Bang" with my Year 10s this morning to get to a meeting in Congress House to discuss the "Big Crunch" facing public sector budgets.

I Chair the SE Region TUC Public Services Commitee and hope that it can be a body that can help co-ordinate the united trade union action that will be needed to defend services, jobs and conditions.

Myself and the PCS delegates present, in particular, spoke about the need to combat the tone being set by the media and all the main parties that cuts were inevitable and needed to rescue the economy. But why should we have to pay for the mistakes made by the politicians and financiers?

We agreed that SERTUC should look at producing model leaflets to circulate to afiliated unions and hosting a reps conference in the New Year to start to bring together union reps to discuss how to fight the onslaught that is likely to follow the next General Election.


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