Friday 30 October 2009

Not just listing what's wrong - but what we're going to do about it!

As ballot papers start to reach home addresses, NUT members across England and Wales will have a chance to compare the election addresses from the six different candidates for NUT Vice-President.

All candidates can list the problems facing teachers and education – but who has set out an effective strategy to defend education?

Only Martin Powell-Davies explains that we must:
• Urgently prepare the united action that can make governments think again
• Reach out to parents and other unions for support
• Challenge any party implementing cuts and privatisation, including supporting trade union backed candidates in local or national elections

Only Martin says:
• Don’t leave teachers struggling in isolation
• Demand legally binding limits on working hours and smaller classes
• Act together in a national campaign to defend – and improve – national conditions

Only Martin promises to:
• Visit schools to discuss what combination of public campaigning, working-to-rule and strike action can best defend education
• Ensure we turn words into action!

To elect a Vice-President who is ready to meet the challenges ahead,

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