Tuesday 27 October 2009

"No Trust" campaign materials

Faced with growing opposition to Academies, some governing bodies and Local Authorities are trying to promote "Trusts" instead as a 'softer' alternative. However, both Academies and Trusts will lead to the break-up of elected Local Authorities and the employment of teaching staff by a series of different federations. When schools are faced with cuts, isolated groups of staff will be easier to pick off than staff employed over a whole Local Authority.

This is just one of the reasons why teaching and support staff unions are uniting to oppose the plan to set up a "Goldsmiths Trust" in Lewisham. We are also supported by the lecturers in the UCU in Goldsmiths itself.

I have just completed the latest "No Trust" campaign bulletin which can be downloaded from the homepage of the Lewisham NUT website http://local.teachers.org.uk/lewisham/. Please do have a look on the website if this could help your local campaign too.


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