Wednesday 7 October 2009

Lonoon Association Secretaries endorse Martin

Every teacher hearing the Tories' threats to attack pensions and freeze our pay must be worried about their plans to take on teachers and education if they win the General Election. Teachers in London schools may worry even more after Michael Gove's comments that teachers in 'failing' schools needed to be sacked - especially in London.

We need a leadership ready to meet the challenges that we will face. I believe that I can help provide that lead. That's why I am pleased that four London NUT Divisional Secretaries are writing to members in London schools encouraging members to make 'Powell-Davies' their first choice on the ballot paper for NUT Vice-President.

John Gourlay from Merton, Jill Saunder from Bexley, Tim Woodcock from Greenwich and Betty Calderbank from Bromley are writing (in personal capacities) to call on teachers to vote 'Powell-Davies 1'.

Betty writes that “ Martin understands the pressures facing teachers. His election would strengthen our leadership.”

Jill says that “ Martin is a powerful, charismatic and passionate speaker. As President, he would be a tremendous advocate for the teaching profession in whatever setting he found himself”

My thanks to all those recommending support for my candidature - in London and elsewhere.


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