Thursday 19 April 2012

Calderdale NUT reps support ongoing national action

A survey carried out by Calderdale NUT on pensions action over the last few days confirms that, if you give a fighting lead, you will get a response from your members in support of strike action. 

Confirming the conclusion that many NUT members reached in London in discussions around our regional action in March, it also confirms school reps’ preference for national action over regional approaches.

Now the NUT Executive needs to put aside its doubts and, instead of finding reasons NOT to act, come up with a calendar of action that CAN still force this Government to retreat further on pensions – and take the lead in going out to convince members to take that action.

April Pension Survey of Calderdale NUT Reps & Members
In less than 3 days, 63% of reps responded to an internet survey. 

100% of reps expressed a preference for all regions being brought out together rather than separately in turn and/or for national over regional action.
85% of reps said they would be willing to take strike action on May 10th (with just a few primaries expressing concern about the SATs).

100% of reps said they were prepared to take national strike action in June, with a third also supporting more than a day’s action in June – and many supporting action in July as well.

(Thanks to Sue McMahon from Calderdale NUT for this information) 

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