Tuesday 24 April 2012


UPDATE: Confirmed venue and timings of Conference: Saturday 16 June 11.00 - 3.30, Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane Liverpool L1 3BT
 On the last evening of the NUT Annual Conference in Torquay, over 150 delegates attended a fringe meeting held under the banner of "Local Associations for National Action". This email has been sent out to inform those who attended of a follow-up Conference to be held later this term and to seek  support for the event.


The "Local Associations for National Action" Conference is being called for Saturday 16 June in Liverpool. We will contact you further very soon with a confirmed venue and programme but, for now, please do keep that date free and ask your Local Association to sponsor the event (see model motion below).

We also need sponsorship for the conference from local associations and divisions. Donations would be welcome and there will be a fee for the conference. Again details to follow.  


A model motion based on the one circulated at the fringe meeting in Torquay, calling on the Union to announce a calendar of action and asking NUT Associations to support the Local Associations Conference, is pasted below.

We would be grateful if Local Associations and/or school meetings could support the motion and send copies to your NUT Executive member(s).  


Following NUT Conference, every NUT Divisional Secretary was sent a link to a survey canvassing their views on support for pensions action next term. It includes a range of options including action in May/June or later in June; local/regional or national action; action with/without the NASUWT. The survey has to be returned by Tuesday 24 April. Please contact your Divisional Secretary to discuss their response.  

These survey results will presumably be discussed at an emergency meeting of the NUT National Executive convened at the request of Executive members seeking a clear calendar of pensions action. The Executive will take place on the afternoon on Thursday April 26. Please contact your Executive member to pass on your views.  

Finally, the PCS, UNITE (Health), NIPSA  and others have confirmed that they will be taking national strike action in defence of pensions on May 10th. Regrettably, in our opinion, Kevin Courtney was quoted in the Guardian as confirming that "the NUT will not be taking national action on 10 May" although it is unclear if any regional action is still being suggested. Again, do contact your NUT Executive members with your views.
( http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/apr/17/civil-service-health-strike-pensions ).

Greg Foster (Cheshire West and Cheshire)
Nina Franklin (Bristol)
Steve Hafford (Wirral)
Sally Kincaid (Wakefield)
Julie Lyon-Taylor (Liverpool)
Sue McMahon (Calderdale)
Patrick Murphy (Leeds)
Martin Powell-Davies (Lewisham)
"Local Associations for National Action" Steering Committee


This Division/Association notes
1.          the meeting called by a number of Union associations at Conference to discuss the pensions campaign and prepare an amendment to the priority motion;
2.          that over 100 delegates attended this meeting and agreed an amendment to the priority motion, which set out a specific calendar of action for the next term;
3.          the anger and regret expressed by many delegates during and after the debate on the priority motion and amendments that the amendment from this meeting was not allowed to be voted on in full;
4.          that despite this fact, Conference passed a section of the amendment which said that the Union should "urgently approach other unions who have not accepted the government's final proposals to seek support for this plan of action, and to urgently announce the confirmed calendar of action to our members and the press";
5.          that many delegates went away from the pensions debate confused and unclear about the Union's message to members and exactly what delegates should report to the wider membership.
6.        that a second local associations meeting at Conference on Monday night attracted over 150 delegates.

This Division/Association calls on the Executive to:
1.          carry through the clear instructions from Conference;
2.          announce a calendar of action that makes it clear to Union members - and to the government - that we are serious about winning this battle, including naming dates for further national action in June and beyond.

This Division/Association resolves to:
1.          support the initiative being taken by 'Local Associations for National Action on Pensions';
2.          promote the work of this group to local members;
3.          support the Local Associations Conference on Saturday 16 June in Liverpool by sending _____ delegates

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